Our Story

"MANY CULTURES, ONE STYLE!" is our motto we've embodied for the past 15 years. The different Cultures educates us so we can entertain and awaken The Human Spirit through story telling. 


We all have a passion for living. This is ORIZON! We offer classes in the Dallas/FT. Worth Texas metroplex which includes Dance, Sports Conditioning to traveling near you. Further details by clicking events page or the icon below.


Hosting diversity of events in music, dance & cultural lifestyle: ORIZON! We stand firm in knowing our truth resonates by building a better world: Culture + Social Environment = Spiritual Awakening. Learn more through our past to future events by clicking onto the icon below.

Conserve Culture

Preserving Many Cultures has been our driving force! We live in a World today where instant gratification is everything without choosing to appreciate a valuable lesson, GRATITUDE. The human connection by listening to one's personal story (journey) for living is priceless. 



Established in 2005 TEXAS. While performing alongside Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Bruce Wood Dance, SoReal, and teaching abroad in 14 countries & 54 USA cities, ORIZON has created a spiritual awakening through Dance; to never loose sight in telling your story through the Heart of Culture.