Cultural Curator 14 yrs | Project Manager 20 yrs | Artistic Director 25 yrs | Teacher & Choreographer 30 yrs | Dancer 40 yrs | Athlete 38 yrs | Military Contractor 8 yrs for the United States Air Force & Pacific Air Force (USAF/PACAF)


RECENT WORK (click onto each link to review videos):

1. ODI - ORIZON DANCE INTENSIVE (4 day event, 7 teachers & 5 cultural dance styles) 2021 August 12-15

2. SEE US (street dance styles) affiliated w/Celebrate Life "UHAMBE NAMI" event
3. Black Is Beautiful
5. Afrobeat NY x Dancehall TX
6. Bollywood meets Afro-Caribbean
7. Afro-Caribbean Dance Workshop
8. Boss Lady in the HEART of Dallas TX
9. Afro-Caribbean ft Stylish Moves - N. TX
10. Rockettes in di Hood 2019
11. Spirit of Texas - Summa Time
12. Legacy of ORIZON est. 2005
13. Bless Up International Festival
14. Youth Mentorship - Gladiator Woman 
15. Dancehall Intensive Texas (3 day workshop | 3 locations)


16. Sway's Room w/Afro-Caribbean Dance & Afrobeat NY workshop
17. Sport's Conditioning "What Inspires YOU?" to be your best at TELOS
18. Shadow of Life (performance) at Perot Museum of Nature & Science
19. Dance Planet 18th Anniv., Hip Hop Dance Workshop by Orizon - all levels
20. UNIVISION 23 televised "Let's Dance For Our Future!" (6:40 vid mark) in 2011
21. ABC News Day Break at Victory Park ft ORIZON 2010
22. National Dance Day (performance) at SIX FLAGS 2009
23. ESPN 2005 NATIONALS - Fitness America Pageant, Open Production Choreography (100+ competitors) in California by ORIZON
24. ORIZON Youth, Teen to Adult program 2005-2010 (dance reel)

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY work referrals, click artist name: Kenny Ngyuen Productions in Texas and Jon Gifted Visions in Los Angeles  

Stay Restless vs Hopeless


Orizon's creativity, leadership and enthusiasm for dance is contagious! I've experienced first hand Orizon's passion for the youth, parents and military families throughout the world: 14 countries & 58 USA cities. Micaela's professionalism, caregiving spirit and innovation exceeded my expectations every time.      
~ Dr. Kimberly Moore, PhD HQ PACAF (Hawai'i)

As a trained classical ballerina and teacher it can be challenging at times to find good quality dance classes for my family, but once we tried the ORIZON Dance Camp in Japan we were hooked all summer. The Orizon dance company lead with a purpose, knowledge in the arts & uplifted those around them. Thank you!
~ Kaori Miet, Ballet Teacher (Japan)

The creator of Orizon, Micaela Tillett, enthusiasm for dance and life is contagious. I thought I would take her class for a few months as a dance refresher. But a year later I'm still here, and learning something new every week! I look forward to our sessions because they're really like a party/hype/therapy session disguised as a dance class. Last week she told me "Allow your body to breathe in the music and the beats." Micaela's positive energy is infectious! I'm so glad I found her!!! 
~ Georgia Platt Foy, The Russ Parr Morning Show   

Amazing & Inspirational! Can you get any better than that combo? Orizon events are fun, educational & really causes you to dig deeper into who you are so that you can be your very best based on how God created you to be. You really learn to live up to your potential! Micaela is a motivated speaker, teacher, highly skilled instructor & coach who's truly concerned with you as an individual - person with a name - not just a number or a face in a crowd. The program will help you walk through your process of moving (dance or fitness) & reach your optimal goal.

~ Allegra Feamster, Chicago Minister

The ORIZON DANCE INTENSIVE "ODI" [4 day workshop program} with ORIZON Team of Teachers & Staff was an exceptional experience, Thank you, I needed this reawakening as an AfroDance Teacher, Choreographer & Director. I hope dancers, teachers & dance lovers in Texas can truly understand the importance of doing this ART form with passion (good intent w/purpose), continuous education a must & with knowledge to execute effectively in our world today. The ODI event is also for Dance Creatives everywhere globally, especially when Dance Art is physically and spiritually connected to Culture & it's people. 
~ Bryan Peters, Founder of AFRO XPEREINCE

Awesome energy from beginning to end. I can tell all the experiences that Orizon entails from all over the world. Love the classes, events & performances!
~ Lorrie Insisienmay, Fitness America Champion (Minneapolis)

Micaela is a true visionary leader - founder of Orizon. Most choreographers have a vision, but rarely see it all the way through to perfection or near perfection. Her passion for Afro-Caribbean culture & dance resonates in her artistry as her projects tell a story from beginning to end. She's an activist and a beautiful dancer who teaches women empowerment. Micaela has been inspiring not solely by her actions but also by her words of wisdom that will always stay within me; "Life is never simple nor smooth, it's what you make out it that makes your personal experiences so special & unique to share."
~ Ashley Murphy, High School Teacher & Bachata Dancer (Dallas Texas)     

Lots of energy, positivity, and graceful effort to help people understand the true rhythmic feel of Dancehall, Afrobeats & Latin dance styles in any occasion.
~ DJ Casey Spinz (Austin TX)

Micaela is one of the most talented dance, motivational speaker and fitness educators I've had the privilege of working with. If you're looking for a mentor, good teacher or find inspiration in something (aspiration) you never thought you could do, the Orizon program is for you!
~ Dr. Jenn Davis, Olympic Sports Chiropractor (Maryland/Bahamas)

Thank you for uplifting the many souls with dance and public speaking (personal testimony) who attended our annual Walk-A-Mile in Her Shoes awareness on Domestic Violence in Texas. Your energy, guidance, warm smile & listening ear to the many families who attended was definitely felt throughout our event. Thank you again Micaela for your heart, dedication & to inspire those around you. Our 2 emergency shelters (over 171 people, 110 are kids) truly appreciates Orizon community program.  
~ Christie King, SafeHaven Director (Fort Worth TX)  

I recently had an opportunity to attend the Afro-Caribbean Dance Workshop and Dancehall Lecture (history of Jamaica) in Dallas organized by Orizon, let me just say - "I LEARNED so much, more than expected!" Sometimes we do the dances without knowing the story, origin behind the moves nor truly understanding the music's message. I highly suggest both workshops for anyone who's passionate or a true professional in culture: Afro-Caribbean Dance and Dancehall Intensive Texas. The teachers and organizers were knowledgeable, detailed oriented (very professional) & patient in a group setting when it came to dance moves and the Dancehall Lecture Q&A's. Looking forward to working with Micaela & Team again!
~ Adjwoa, Co-Owner of Pan African Connection (Oak Cliff TX)

I had opportunity to take Micaela's Afro-Caribbean workshops, and from day one, I was so impressed by her talent, teaching style, positive energy and passion.  She truly is a cultural ambassador of Afro-Caribbean music & culture. Whether it's reggae, soca, reggaet├│n, dancehall, afrobeat and other dance genres, Micaela explains the cultural significance behind each style. She speaks the truth & makes sure her students respect each genre and style. The way she motivates you to do your best is so uplifting. Her students' dance abilities range from beginning to advanced level, but Micaela treats everyone with the same amount of love and respect. There's a reason why hundreds of students will RSVP in advance to take Micaela's Afro-Caribbean dance workshops. She has done extensive training with master professors in each genre, to make sure she presents the truth to her students. Micaela's resume of experience is impressive alone, however, she keeps pushing herself to keep evolving as a dancer, professor, performer, and is generous in sharing her numerous gifts with her students. What impresses me the most about Micaela in her organization Orizon, is the way they engage and uplift communities. This is how our communities get healed. We need more people in the world like Micaela and the members of her organization, ORIZON. I look forward to taking more of Micaela's classes and becoming a better human, through the art of Afro-Caribbean music. 
~ Priscilla Rice, TV Personality/Actor & Poet